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How to choose Microsoft Office?

Are you choosing a Microsoft Office package but don't know which one is the best for you?

We offer different versions at favorable prices

The first step is to determine whether you need Office for personal or business use.

What is the difference between Office for home and for business?

The main difference lies in rights and functions. Office for Home includes the basic Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications. In addition, Office for Business includes other applications such as Outlook, Access and Publisher. Extended versions can also include OneDrive, Skype or Teams.

For businesses, we recommend a perpetual license of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus or the latest version 2021. Both have unlimited validity and can be transferred between devices.

For homes, we recommend a perpetual license of Microsoft Office 2019 for students and homes or the latest Microsoft Office 2021 for students and homes. Both have unlimited validity and can be transferred.

If you work from home or a combination, a license for both commercial and home use, such as Microsoft Office 2019 for Home and Business, is ideal.

These products are for Windows. If you are using macOS, select the compatible Mac version.

Perpetual licenses have the advantage that you buy them once and use them forever without monthly or annual fees. Additionally, with a Microsoft account, you can transfer your license between devices.

If you want to save money or have an older operating system, you can purchase an older version of Office. All versions are compatible. Older versions may have problems opening new files, but this can be solved with the compatibility system.

The best-selling older versions are Microsoft Office 2016 for Students and Home and Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus .

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